Despite the significant public health threat posed by stimulants (e.g., cocaine, methamphetamine), currently there are no FDA-approved medications available for the treatment of stimulant use disorders. However, there are effective behavioral treatments. Decades of research including multiple systematic reviews and meta-analyses have shown that Contingency Management (CM) is among the most effective treatments for stimulant use disorder and other substance use disorders (SUDs). In the CM treatment approach, people earn incentives for specific healthy behaviors according to a well-defined protocol.

Contingency Management Training Video

UVM CORA has developed educational resources on the use of CM for treatment providers, policymakers, health departments, health services, and clinicians.

Our UVM CORA Contingency Management Provider Training Video highlights:

  • Basic elements of the CM treatment approach
  • Why providers should consider CM for their patients who struggle with substance use
  • Evidence supporting the use of CM
  • Important steps and considerations for using CM
  • Resources available through UVM CORA to help support these efforts

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Video: Contingency Management Provider Training

Professional Support and Educational Materials

We provide support for any professionals seeking to further develop their knowledge and/or implementation of CM.

  • A guide to evidence-based resources to learn more about CM
  • Research Spotlights on the latest publications relevant to rural providers

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