Clinical Support Aids

We can help you choose and implement the resources to support your patients’ treatment adherence, outcomes, and retention. We can send resources, hardware, and/or software to your practice, and provide support with their implementation and ongoing use.

  • Evidence-based assessments for evaluating patients’ cannabis use severity
  • Protocols and patient education for setting quit dates and implementing cannabis cessation programs
  • Hardware and training for biochemical monitoring of patients’ recent cannabis use (e.g., urine toxicology testing supplies)
  • Best Practices Technical Assistance

Behavioral Therapies

We will help your team identify, customize, and implement evidence-based therapies for supporting your patients’ abstinence from cannabis.

Professional Support and Educational Materials

We provide consultation, coaching, and hands-on support across a wide range of areas and platforms to any professionals seeking information, training, and resources in science-based methods.

The above menu is not exhaustive. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to us at with your specific needs and questions!