Community Rounds
July 26, 2023

A Qualitative Analysis of US State Laws Regulating Incentives for Health Behavior

Barbara "Basia" Andraka-Christou, PhD, JD

Our speaker is Barbara “Basia” Andraka-Christou, PhD, JD, Assistant Professor in the School of Global Health Management and Informatics, and the College of Medicine at UCF. This presentation describes the results of a qualitative study examining state laws regulating incentives for health behavior. Such laws may have important implications for provision of contingency management for substance use disorder, including in rural areas.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the benefits of contingency management for treating substance use disorders
  2. Discuss the implications for state policies for delivery of contingency management
  3. Outline findings related to state-by-state review of policies related to contingency management for substance use disorders
  4. Discuss the impact of such policies on members of rural populations




Barbara "Basia" Andraka-Christou, PhD, JD

Barbara "Basia" Andraka-Christou, PhD, JD

Dr. Barbara "Basia" Andraka-Christou is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida in the School of Global Health Management & Informatics, with a joint secondary appointment in Internal Medicine. She studies policies and health services related to substance use disorder treatment. She has authored over 50 peer reviewed scholarly articles, as well as the award-winning book, The Opioid Fix: America's Addiction Crisis & the Solution They Don't Want You to Have (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020). She received her Bachelor of Economics from the University of Florida, her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University-Bloomington, her PhD in Law and Social Science from Indiana University-Bloomington, and she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Indiana University-Indianapolis. She is also a licensed attorney in the state of Florida.