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Nicole Greer

Nicole Greer, BS

For the past 14 years, Nicole has managed the administration, strategic plans, grants, and fiscal governance of four scientific research organizations. For the past seven years, she has focused primarily on supporting the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists and their work within a federal grant to decrease maternal and child morbidity and mortality associated with pre-and post-natal environmental and other toxic exposures. Nicole brings to the UVM Center on Rural Addiction her specialty in conducting outreach programs to vulnerable populations and her knowledge in the area of trainings and education to deliver the latest scientific research regarding substance use disorder and prescription medications. It is with Nicole’s experience that she facilitates the goals of the HRSA Maternal and Child Environmental Health Network program. She has expertise in serving as a liaison to government, corporation, and academia as it relates to foundation support, new science in the field, and opportunities for collaboration. Through her efforts, Nicole works to help expand federal grantees’ reach, and strategically position them for future growth and impact.

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