Community Rounds
August 4, 2021

Telehealth for Substance Use Disorders and Considerations for Rural Regions

Allison Lin, MD, MSc

Our speaker is Allison Lin, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan Addiction Center, Ann Arbor, MI. This presentation focuses on optimizing patient and clinician experiences with different telehealth platforms, practical guidelines for providing substance use treatment virtually in rural communities, and regulatory considerations. ​

Learning objectives:​

  1. Discuss evidence and methods on telehealth for SUD care
  2. Describe how treatment has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Identify regulatory and prescribing considerations for telehealth in rural communities
  4. Identify methods/alternatives to monitoring for substance use from remote rural patients
  5. Consider challenges and opportunities for SUD telehealth services in rural regions with a focus on practical challenges (stigma, technology, etc)


Allison Lin

Allison Lin, MD, MSc

Allison Lin, MD, is an addiction psychiatrist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry as well as Research Scientist at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. Dr. Lin is also Director of the U-M Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program, President-elect of the Michigan Society of Addiction Medicine, Co-Director of the Michigan Opioid Collaborative and American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Research Committee Chair. Her research is informed by her clinical work treating patients with addiction and recognizing the potential for healthcare systems to help address this major public health crisis.